We always knew finding the right photographer for our wedding day was as important as finding a dream wedding venue and a stunning wedding gown. Myself and my husband still stand in awe thinking how God ordained this whole journey with Werner and his incredibly gorgeous wife Simone. They were sent by God to make our day one full of comfort and fun. They exceeded every one of our expectations from the beginning until the end of the evening. I had spent the previous few weeks obsessed with the lighting of their images and the intimacy of the moments they captured. Werner and Simone are genuine people who are there to capture the unity and unconditional love between husband and wife. They captured every meaningful glance,the tiny inflections across my Fathers face when he took off my veil, Jp and I meeting each other at the aisle and capturing the first look which I will cherish forever. We were not able to have a videographer which I always thought about but when I saw a sneak peek of our wedding photos I had complete peace knowing Werner and His wife captured the perfect moments which showed raw emotion and told a story of a thousand words.. We couldn’t believe how someone could be that unobtrusive yet… just get the most amazing angles.

We connected with them immediately and even wanted them to be a part of our guests for the evening festivities ;)When looking back to our photos and think of our special day I am reminded of the emotions I experienced on that day and the joy of the days activities and it brings me to tears every time. Myself and Jp are forever thankful, forever blessed by this incredible couple who captured our perfect day.

JP & Lara